Car Title Loans Los Angeles

Emergency Loan

From one day to the next no one know what type of emergency will come up that will require you to have quick cash on hand.  One day everything can be going well for you with bill paid and the next day you might get some bad news.  Maybe you might have old debts that you’ve only been making minimum payments on, maybe your credit score dropped suddenly or you forgot to pay for a bill.  In the end it doesn’t matter if you have bad or good credit with us, Qik Title Loans Los Angeles we don’t give up on you and you don’t need to give up your car if you want to get a loan from us.  So don’t hesitate and apply now for a secured loan from us in Los Angeles.

Secured Auto Title Loans

This may sound too good to be true but it’s pretty simple.  We end up using your car as collateral to get you an emergency loan.  The minimum amount we lend in California is $2,600.  At Qik Title Loans Los Angeles we issue loans according to the value of your vehicle and we also look at your ability to repay the loan.  We’re not interested in your current credit status and any dings you may have had on your credit report in the past.  Your car is what we use to back your loan.

Maximum Loan Amount

The maximum loan amount we issue is $50,000.  We suggest getting a loan with a payment that you can afford to pay back in a timely manner.  Our experienced reps/loan officers are standing by to guide you through the process and will explain what your options are.

Steps to getting a Cash loan on your auto title

  1.  Fill out your details- Complete some basic information to get the process started
  2. Get approved- Our loan officer will go over options with you and submit your loan for an approval
  3. Get cash-  Once that process is complete, your vehicle will get evaluated and you will collect your cash.

This is better than selling your car for money because you keep your car while you make payments on your loan.  We understand how important having a car is in Los Angeles.  Selling your car can be a lengthy process and be quite inconvenient.  From advertising to fielding phone calls and meeting up with potential buyers it can be a while before you can have cash in hand.  Once your car is sold, you’ll have to find a way to get around also.  Luckily with Qik Title Loans Los Angeles you don’t need to worry about selling your car.  With our car title loans in Los Angeles, you can get instant cash and still keep your vehicle to get to and from work.  All our loans have no prepayment penalties and we offer flexible repayment terms.  The flexibility is important for our customers because it gives them multiple options to pay back their loan.

So what are you waiting for?  Call us today to get a loan at:  310-928-1311

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