Highland Park is located in northeast Los Angeles and was one of the first subdivisions in the area. It is home to a wide variety of different socioeconomic and ethnic groups. This park has a very long history of architecture, art, and more. It is a go to place for history buffs, hipsters, food lovers, and tourists.

For quite awhile this area was affordable to live in but run by gangs making it a rough place to be but now it is safe and there are new businesses opening up every month. If you are looking for family fun, history lessons, or adventure then Highland Park is a great place to visit. There is so much to do for people of all ages and backgrounds.

One of the most popular things that you can do while you are there is tour the historic homes. There is a church, train depot, Queen Anne mansion, and a corner drug store located in an era accurate plaza for guests to explore and gain insight to 19th century everyday life. The homes are set in the period of development and settlement and sometimes there are performers in full costume and hands on activities to further the fun.

Another great thing to do is visit Los Angeles’ oldest bowling alley that is still operating. Established in 1927, it was fully restored to its former glory back in 2016. There are eight lanes, original team pennants, an arts and crafts mural from the 30’s, a live music space, and vintage pinsetters that have been turned into chandelier lighting.

If bowling isn’t really your style then you can see a puppet show or a concert or take it a step further by visiting Vintage Tattoo for a souvenir that you will never lose. If you are looking for an outside adventure then you can have a picnic in the park or go out on the hiking trails. You can take horseback riding lessons or let your kids go full crazy at the playground while you rest.

There are so many different dining options in Highland Park so whatever you are craving, they probably have it. Checker Hall has all your mediterranean favorites, Parsnip is full of Romanian comfort, Rosty has Peruvian specialties, Triple Beam has classic pizza, and there are still many more options ranging from seasonal American to pub food to vegan German. If you visit Donut Friend you can pick up a pastry that is full of jam, peanut butter, and sriracha. Don’t knock it until you try it!

If you are hoping to take a night for some good old fashioned adult beverages then there are several bars and pubs available. Or if alcohol is not your thing, then you can find some great coffee shops and juice places to visit instead.

Highland Park has dining, entertainment, history, and we can not forget shopping. There are so many stores available for shopping lovers including Avalon Vintage, Stash on York, and Gimme Gimme Records. There are also old fashioned bookstores, and a place called the House of Intuition that sells candles, crystals, and more for your witchy side.

Needless to say again, Highland Park has a great time in store for anyone who visits and it is a place you will find yourself coming back to more and more for all that it has to offer. Less than 10 miles away you’ll find this local gem that has been a very popular spot for both locals and tourists. If you run short on cash just call this company to help obtain some extra funds.

Highland Park

Los Angeles, CA