The Los Angeles County Museum of Art is located on the Pacifc Rim and is proud to be the largest art museum on the western side of the United States. Over six thousand years of art is illuminated by over 140,000 different pieces. The area’s diverse population and vast cultural heritage play a big part in the art that is showcased in this museum.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s mission is “to serve the public through the collection, conservation, exhibition, and interpretation of significant works of art from a broad range of cultures and historical periods, and through the translation of these collections into meaningful educational, aesthetic, and cultural experiences for the widest array of audiences. They do a wonderful job of upholding their mission statement and that is easily noticed by anyone who visits.

The LACMA was originally a part of the Los Angeles Museum of History, Science, and Art in 1910 but then, in 1961, it became a separate entity and opened in a new location. It became open to the public in 1965 and began holding public events as well as special events.

The museum has grown considerably since it first opened and continues to do so as our minds evolve and new art is captured. They plan to expand the museum and upgrade it further to offer even more to the surrounding communities. An open air gathering place for locals and public monuments will be in the works soon for this museum.

The museum is full of so many different collections that there is truly something for everyone whether it is art that you love or even history. They have greek ceramics, portraits, woodcuts, jewelry, and art from every era and every culture from japanese to middle eastern.

You can even host events at the museum such as corporate events, conferences, meetings, client or employee receptions, alumni receptions, or even award banquets. The event venues are only open to nonprofit organizations, government agencies, and corporations however so there will be no birthdays or bachelor parties at this museum.

You can take a tour through the museum that covers very diverse topics and they have a lost and found area at the Ticket Office if you misplace anything while walking around. Some of the exhibits are only displayed or available to the public at certain times but you can find all of that information by calling or checking out their website if there is a certain art piece you are hoping to view. The museum is still open even while under construction and you can get admission tickets at the Ticket Office, over the phone, or on the LACMA website.

If you come to Los Angeles or already live near or around the area then this is a place you need to visit. It is affordable and family friendly. You are very likely to learn a lot about both art and history by visiting this immense museum. It would be a shame to miss out on anything this museum has to offer.

When you’re done visiting the Museum you can head west to see the Dodger Stadium; Los Angeles’ 3rd oldest ballpark and the largest if you factor seating. They hold many events and of course, it’s a great place to catch some sports action. The information on this page is provided by this business.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

5905 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90036
(323) 857-6000