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What’s Debt Consolidation?

Posted on: May 21st, 2014 by heidi

Debt consolidation is a broadly used term that can indicate using several distinct debt support strategies that join payments, loans or multiple debts. There are three primary kinds of debt relief options available: Student Loan Consolidation, Debt Consolidation Loans, Debt Management Strategies and Debt Settlement. Debt consolidation can when done the proper manner:

Combining your debts by taking out a loan or one big loan secured against an asset, like a house to pay off a mix of accounts or smaller loans, is not guided. It uses one lump sum to cover the amount. Yet, that new loan is currently guaranteed. You’ve only taken an unsecured debt and collateralized it against other personal property or your house. By taking out a fresh loan, you may qualify for a lesser or interest rate that is fixed and will merely be required to make one payment.

Debt Management Strategies

A Debt Management Plan (DMP) is the preferable approach of debt consolidation, which many folks pick because they are able to replace multiple monthly payments with only one monthly payment. A DMP is a kind of payment consolidation that could lead to lower interest rates to your lenders. What this means is that you have that payment divide among all your debtors and can make one consolidated payment. Your credit score may not damage.

For many individuals, debt consolidation equates to debt settlement, a procedure for negotiating your debts to ensure payments that are lower, although both services are totally distinct. Debt settlement lets you make one monthly payment, but that payment is not going to your lenders. Rather, an account is built up with enough cash to pay off one debt at a time, at a a lower sum that was negotiated. This is generally considered consolidation instead of making multiple payments to your lenders, you’re making one monthly payment to a debt arbitration firm with the goal of negotiating a lower debt settlement.


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